There’s absolutely no chance whatsoever of this kind of system working long term. Waiting until something hasn’t hit for a few spins and then betting on it is commonly known as roulette fallacy. What people need to understand about software programs like Roulette Sniper is that they’re only as good as the system that’s coded into them.

Roulette Sniper is coded with a sleeper Martingale system, therefore it won’t win long term – it’s impossible. Most people don’t realize this until it’s much too late; they buy Roulette Sniper thinking that because it’s a software program, it will be able to exploit some kind of weakness in online roulette games which of course is not the case in reality.

Overall, the system doesn’t work and due to the claims on the website such as “software that will make you rich” “like stealing candy from a baby” and the outrageous reviews such as the video above, Roulette Sniper can only be described as a scam (although you can’t blame the seller for videos that other people have made). In a slight saving grace, the seller does have another roulette software program that was released a few years later called Roulette Assault which is much better.


I’m sure you must have read more than just one Roulette Sniper review before deciding to make money with it. Most users start with the 60-minute demo, and check online options and impressions before paying for the full version of the software. Normally, if you know your way with roulette betting, you’d be able to estimate your rate of success before even starting. The program allows you to make full use of all the roulette strategies you’ve learned.

Money management nevertheless remains important for amount of profit you’ll make with online casinos. Roulette Sniper is simple to use, and the highest efficiency has been reported for conservative settings when playing with casinos. Much depends on the player’s intelligence and on whether he/she knows when to keep betting or when to stop. Use the set up video to get familiar with all the instructions, and ONLY then start gambling.

Criticism is usually moderate in almost any objective Roulette Sniper review you’ll read online, however, chances are that you’ll also come across debates over some sort of roulette sniper scam… which are not true. The problem is that most players put all their trust in this program, and hope it will make them millionaires overnight.  You can’t expect it to work best for you unless you follow the designer’s instructions and you use your own intelligence to stay profitable.  Most of those who fail with the software, call it a scam.  But is it?  I don’t think so…  Go ahead and try Roulette Sniper today. You’ll be very happy you did.