Which casino bonus types are there?

Which casino bonus types are there?
A casino bonus can be granted in different variants:

Gifted money: The games can first be tested with real, money provided by the spielcasino spiele kostenlos as a starting balance.
Free Spins: A certain number of games can be played without your own bet. Free spins can be credited immediately after registration or sometimes require a minimum deposit (there are usually more free spins!)
Timed Play: A certain amount of time (for example, one hour) can be played without your own effort.
These variants are also available in combination with deposit bonuses. In this case, it is even more advantageous for the player, because he in addition to the deposit bonus still get a real money bonus in zeus casino slot and thus he can greatly increase his chances of winning.

Best casino bonus for me
Each player is different and therefore it is also necessary that each player finds the right bonus for himself.

A good clue as to what casinos offer is usually the welcome bonus, because you can already see if the provider is more likely to throw free spins, or be generous with the free money.

It is especially important to know your own behavior and preferences before deciding to claim a bonus or even register anywhere. For example, if you already have a very specific favorite game, or at least a favorite game provider, then free spin offers the most value for this game.

And here you have to give the online casinos a big thumbs up, because the selection of offers in different slots is almost unmanageable. Take some time here to compare. No one rushes you and with most providers, you can test all games without real money and play just for fun. So you can really let off steam and make a reasonably informed decision before you actually sign up.

Play free spins or online casino with real money?
For bonuses without deposits, the free spins are still the most popular. It’s easy for the casinos to automatically grant each new player a few shoots in a particular game upon sign-up, and as a player, you usually do not have to worry much.

Just open your account and get the free spins there or open the game and the free games start there automatically. How this works, the corresponding casino will certainly tell you in a welcome e-mail. So keep your eyes open and do not completely ignore the communication of your chosen provider, because there are usually still really good deals.

However, if none of the online casinos in your shortlist offers free spins for a slot that suits you, you should look for a provider that rewards new players with a no-deposit real money bonus. This is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare on the market, but is still to be found. For example, we can recommend the Lapalingo Casino, with which CasinoBonus360 readers can even expect an exclusive bonus. Simply enter the bonus code CB360 when signing up and you will receive 10 € free before you add your account for the first time.

Ten euros may not sound like much at first, but if you look closely, that’s a pretty good offer. Because considering that you can spin the reels in any game with this free money, it looks much better than 20 free spins tied to a single game. And who knows, maybe you make your 10 € already in a few seconds to a really thick fish.

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